Our Menus

Our passion and inspiration derives from the aromatics, abundance of flavours and culinary fusions found in the Pan-Pacific countries, borders and islands.

Our menu has been designed to depict the culinary myriad of the bountiful ocean and botany of the Pacific fringe where sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami combine, balance and flavour marry, and innovative and adventurous cuisine is born.

Enjoy the diverse fusions, native foods and ingredients seeped in the traditionalism and history of the Americas; the aromatics, freshness and flavours found through the spice trail of Asia; and the indigenous cooking styles, seafood and colours found in the bountiful islands of Oceania.

Our open kitchen is home to a raw seafood and sushi bar, a robatayaki charcoal grill and wok station. Think sushi, fresh seafood, bamboo-skewered meats and vegetables from the robata, dry aged steaks, gourmet fish, noodles, light curries, burgers and ribs from the grill.

There are two ways of eating at Zinnia, choose dishes to share and enjoy socially or order individually for a more traditional approach.


The value of offering and sharing food is a culturally enriched practice in many of the Pacific countries and we invite you to sample our small plate dishes, to graze, engage and encourage sharing.

Simply select a mixture of small dishes from each section depending on how hungry you are and what you fancy. The dishes are designed to be served as they are ready from the kitchen and enjoyed from the middle of the table for relaxed and social dining.


If you would prefer to tailor your dining to a more traditional approach, simply select a dish or two from the grazing menu to begin and a main dish from the big plate selection which will be served directly to you.

Should you need any assistance in ordering, our staff will be more than happy to explain the selections. We have also designed an inspired cocktail and sake menu and a wine program featuring fine bottles from around the world, to pair with your meal.